Out of a psycho rating of 10, Psycho Pass rating gets a rating of 11. I swear this is crazy bat shit insane psycho. Total 101% mindfuck.

It’s not a scene where a hundred over people get beheaded (Elfen Lied). It’s not a scene where two thugs who were children are murdered in cold blood (Black Lagoon). It’s not a scene where a person would murder their other self in a parallel universe to take their place (Mirai Nikki). It’s not a scene where teenagers are trapped in a vicious cycle of killing each other without a good reason (Higurashi No Naku). It’s not a scene where you are fighting a war against giants and the giants eat your comrades right in front of the helpless you (Shingeki No Kyojin). So look, I have watched a decent number of psycho anime but this one just tops the list.

Here you have a police inspector, whose weapon is supposed to judge whether a person has criminal intent or not. And yet when her close friend is being held hostage by someone with someone with clear criminal intents, the weapon deems him as not a criminal. The perpetrator taunts her further, giving her a chance by giving her a gun that doesn’t rely on the system to judge good or evil, which she obviously fails at using because it goes against her fundamental understanding of how society works (which is using the system to judge whether one is a criminal or not) And to add final insult, at the point where he clearly shows intents to murder her friend, the system shows a criminal coefficient of 0.This isn’t a matter of power, this is a matter of fundamental beliefs being shaken to the core, and being betrayed by the system causing her friend’s death directly.

How does Akane not turn into a psycho after this?!?!

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    Psycho-pass is the best anime ever.
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    ^ That. And I hated her at first because she couldn’t even shoot straight to save her friend. Then it dawned on me she...
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